3Rs Science Award 2012

In 2010, the EPAA granted its first Science Award. The EPAA is now offering the Science Award for the second time to sup- port the optimization and regulatory ac- ceptance of 3Rs alternative methods. The award provides young scientists with the opportunity to cooperate with experienced scientists from various industry sectors and the European Commission.

The recipient will be invited to participate in EPAA or international events to report on the project, like at the World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences and EPAA Annual Conferences.

Financial support of up to €1000001 will be provided to the institution of the successful candidate to allow the extension of an exis- ting research contract for a period of up to one year in order to promote the transi- tion from existing innovative alternative approach/method from the experimental stage towards regulatory acceptance and industrial application.

The focus of any proposal should be on practical steps to improve the acceptance and implementation of the 3Rs in the re- gulatory context, including one or more of the following but not limited to:

  • Extension of the applicability domain of a 3Rs test method with known potential for industrial application and/or regula- tory acceptance,
  • Collation and analysis of datasets for the development of new risk assessment methodologies and approaches, support evaluation of ITS, etc. that will result in replaced, reduced and refined animal use,
  • Participation in an optimisation or validation exercise of a recently developed 3Rs test method,
  • Participation in an implementation and regulatory acceptance exercise of a test method with a known high 3Rs rele- vance,
  • Addressing scientific/technical barriers to industrial application and regulatory acceptance of specific 3Rs techniques.

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