Asociación Española de Toxicología (AETOX) ISSN: 1697-0748

S9 fraction rat hepatocyte microsomes, slices, p450, beagle

Metabolite profiling analysis of FR429, an ellagitannin purified from Polygonum capitatum, in rat and human liver microsomes, cytosol and rat primary hepatocytes in vitro.

FR429, an ellagitannin (a sort of polyphenol), is remoted and purified from Polygonum capitatum Buch.-Ham.ex D. Don which is the unique natural drugs of the "Re-Lin-Qing" system used clinically to deal with urinary tract an infection in China. FR429 has been investigated for its antitumor potential in tumor-bearing nude mice in vivo, however its in vitro anti-tumor impact in hepatoma cell strains was low. Thus, it was of our curiosity to analyze...