Asociación Española de Toxicología (AETOX) ISSN: 1697-0748

S9 fraction rat hepatocyte microsomes, slices, p450, beagle

Diabetic neovascularization defects in the retina are improved by genistein supplementation in the ovariectomized rat

Genistein appears to have a protecting and therapeutic impact on situations related to neovascular development within the retina. This examine investigated the angiogenesis, antioxidant, and anti inflammatory impact of genistein on the retinas in ovariectomized diabetic rats. On this examine, 40 feminine albino Wistar rats had been divided into 4 teams: sham, ovariectomized group (OVX), OVX + diabetes (OVX.D), and OVX.D + genistein. OVX induced...